Here are some birth announcements that I have read today in the newspaper.

Joséphine and Pierre welcome new daughter Posie.

Huh, I have actually never seen Posie before. It’s a more English nickname for the name Josephine, which coming from the mother’s name could hint that it’s a unique way to honor her. I think it’s quite cute…but cute isn’t always good. But Posie is right on trend right now in France, and i’m sure she won’t have any problems since if little Posie grows up to be a lawyer she’ll still be surrounded by Lucies and Lilous.

Anne and Thibault welcome son Hugo, who joins big brother and sister André and Manon.

Ah, Hugo. It’s one of those names that skyrocket in popularity but still remain fabulous. I just love it. Victor Hugo comes to mind immediately. I just wish it wasn’t so darn popular.

Chava and Eliezer welcome daughter Anouchka, who joins big sister Tzipora.

So fabulous! I saw Anouchka mentioned on Meilleurs Prenoms earlier in the week and I still love it. It’s Hebrew and a pet form of Anna. Love. Especially with Tzipora. Maybe it’s just my inner Jew, but I can totally see little Orthodox Anouchka and Tzipora walking down the street in their head scarves.

So after being inspired by a little Posie, I thought of “cutesy” names I like. My favorites are Rosie, Ginny, Hattie, Lottie, Jenny, and Coco. What are yours?