There some were birth announcements listed in today’s paper, so here you are!


Anémone- LOVE

Hermine- LOVE

Lola- Cute, but boring and trendy

Mélylou- Interesting!

Anne-Laure- Haven’t seen one of these in quite a while! A lovely name.

Zoalie- Childish but all right

Félicité- Love!

Marie-Caroline- Another sort of vintagey name. I’m a fan of old, classy names being used again.

Alyona- exotic! love russian names.


Mathian- nice!

Géraud- i love all G boy names 🙂

Axel- Yawn?

Alistair- I like a lot.

Laramie- Interesting!

Cypriano- Oh, another exotic one.

Niels- Cute!

Jack- Love! And still quite unique!

Lucius- Very Harry Potter

A nice batch!