My ten favourite movies and the fabulous characters that go along with them 🙂

10. Chocolat– Juliette Binoche is one of my favourites along with Johnny Depp and this movie is so romantic. Characters- Vianne, Anouk and Roux

9.  La Petite Sirène–  I like the English version “the Little Mermaid” as well, but I like the dialogue better in the French one and it’s the one I grew up with so I have the connection 🙂 Arielle’s voice is so beautiful and a lot nicer in the French version too.

Characters- Arielle, Sébastien, Eric, Ursula

8. The Secret of NIMH– ha, classic. This is like the darkest animated movie ever and I love it.

Characters- Nicodemus, Teresa, Cynthia, Timmy, Martin, Jeremy, Justin, Jenner

7. The English Patient- it’s just a really deep, amazing film.

Characters- Hana, Katharine, László, David

6. Le Fantôme de l’Opéra-I’m such a sucker for it! I know all of the songs and in my bedroom I have a Fantôme box where I put all my stuff from this musical in 🙂

Characters- Erik, Christine, Raoul, Meg, Carlotta

5. Atonement- i loved the novel and I loved the movie too! It just makes me really sad.

Characters- Cecilia, Robbie, Briony (Even though she made a huge mistake in the beginning she is one of my favourite characters ever), Lola, Pierrot, Jackson, Hermione, Leon, Emily, Paul

4. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain- Audrey Tatou is so fab! And this movie is so clever and lovely.

Characters- Amélie, Nino, Amandine, Raphaël, Lucien

3. Un long dimanche de fiançailles- Another fabulous Audrey Tatou movie. Gaspard Ulliel isn’t too bad either…this movie is just sweet and romantic but still makes me laugh and cry.

Characters- Mathilde, Manech, Élodie, Véronique,  Benoît, Angel, Daniel

2. Spirited Away-This could easily be number one. I love this movie SO much. It inspired me to get into animation and to be obsessed with Japan. This movie really did impact my life. I like the Japanese version the best, except I have to read the dialogue but that doesn’t even matter. It’s great. It opens my imagination wild and i’m so artistically inspired after watching it. BRAVO MIYAZAKI!

Characters- Chihiro (if my aspirations of marrying a Japanese man come true, this will be my first daughter. Even if I don’t I might name her this, tehe), Haku, Yubaba, Kamajii, Lin, Boh

1. Paris, je t’aime-i’m born and raised Parisian, can you really expect me to not love this movie. It rolls up everything I love about Paris, everything I love about film and art and love into one movie. It’s a bunch of mini films into one. It’s fabulous and takes you on a journey throughout Paris. My favourites are the last scene with the American woman, and the two men in the Marais cause that’s where I’m from 🙂 It has SO many wonderful actors…English, American, and French! WATCH IT!

Characters (a lot!)- François, Zarka, Marianne, Elie, Gaspard, Julie, Axel, Ana, Suzanne, Vincent, Claire, Liz, Ken, Sophie, Hassan, Fanny, Bob, Frances, William, Francine, Thomas, Gena, Ben, Carol, Arnaud, Manu, Isis, Justin, Sara, Maryse, and Oscar Wilde 🙂

Honorable mentions to La belle et la bête (The Beauty and the Beast), Legend of the Fall, Slumdog Millionaire, Titanic, and some others.