Royalty really interests me, French especially since it’s the country I am from. Here are the names of some royals women.

(Starting w/ the Capetian Dynasty…also know that they usually went by their second name. I think it’s funny that each country kind of has a reaccuring name)


Marie Sophie Hélène Béatrice

Marie Louise Élisabeth

Marie Thérèse Félicité

Louise Catherine Eléonore


Ingrid Alexandra

Astrid Maude Ingeborg

Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra



Eugenie Victoria Helena

Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel

Sarah Frances Elizabeth

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite

Sweden/ Denmark

Margaret Victoria Charlotte Augusta Norah  (Daisy)

Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta

Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid (Þ is pronounced like “th”)

Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid


Xenia Alexandrovna

Irina Alexandrovna

Olga Nikolaevna

Tatiana & Anastasia Nikolaevna