So a girl I used to be sorta friends with when I was little (we sort of grew apart when i started gymnastics) just became a big sister! Although from the little I talked to Caroline about it I knew she wasn’t *thrilled* with the idea, but I can’t blame her, she has an older brother named Cyprien who is in his mid twenties and has a child of his own, and her mother is in her fifties…but that’s a whole debate i don’t want to get into!

Anyway, she had twin girls! And keeping with the C theme they are named…

Cléa Madeleine Aglaé & Coco Léontine Eugénie

Well, Cléa and Coco are both nice. A little matchy, a little trendy, but nice. I’d prefer Coco as a nickname personally to make it less trendy and more appropriate. My grandmother was given the name Nicole, raised as a little girl being called Coco, and then became Cosette. I wish Caroline’s mother would have considered something similar. Middle names are your standard old fashioned French middles, although I wouldn’t be surprised if all four of those begin to rise soon…they are “old lady chic” as some call it.

Well, that’s all i got for now! Enjoy your week!