Going to an international school has it’s benefits, one of which is that I get to hear tons of lovely names from many countries! I have not started school but today I attended a “World’s Faire” presentation with my sister and I took notes of all of the names I heard. And this is just part one, my friends.


Alba (Spain)

Aziza (United Arab Emirates)

Bidelia (Ireland)

Brigitta (Austria)

Cora (England-short for Coral)

Dagmar (Denmark)

Daffodil (Bermuda)

Darya (Russia)

Liad (Israel)

Emiri (New Zealand)

Evania (Spain)

Ewa (Poland)

Fabienne (France)

Fang (China)

Farrah (United Arab Emirates)

Gaia (England)

Gerta (goes by Gertie, Poland)

Hannaliis (if i didn’t see her poster  I wouldn’t be able to spell it right…she’s from Estonia, Karolina!)

Ida (Norwegian-American, pron. EE-dah…I was so happy to see her with this name I nearly melted, haha!)

Irina (Russia)

Jemmie (England, short for Jemima)

Katarzyna (Poland)

Kirsti (Sweden)

Lane (America)

Lux (America, twin to Lane)

Mahira (Saudi Arabia)

Mette (Norway, pron. Met-eh)


Ambroise (France)

Aster (Netherlands)

Cadmus (England….HE’s ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE I’VE EVER SEEN. just saying..)

Cash (America, he mentioned he was named after Johnny Cash, I find it so cool!)

Crépin (France)

Dankward (Germany…it sounded kind of cool when he said it)

Dimas (Spain)

Elah (Israel)

Erasme (Belgium)

Farbad (British-Iranian)

Felic (Hungary, pron. feh-LISH)

Gabor (Hungary)

Gotzon (Spain)

Hannibal (South Africa)

Hannes (Netherlands)

Idra (Israel)

Innocenzo (Italy)

Joaquim (Spain, I love this name btw)

Jamal (India)

Kadmiel (Israel…Am I listing too many Israeli names? haha, I just like them)

Lennox (Scotland)

Leonzio (Italy)

Lovett (England)

Makari (India)

Maksim (Russia)

Which do you like best? I’m kind of excited to get to know these people and see if their names fit their personalities!