I would love to use some of these names someday to honour family.

Maman’s side:

Great-Grandmother Marie+ Great-Grandfather Jean-Pierre= Anneliese (Lies), Elouise, Nicole (Coco as a child and then Cosette as she got a little older), Anais, Nathalie

Great-Grandfather André+Great Grandmother Odette= Sébastien, Léon

Nicole+Léon= Mathilde

Papa’s Side

Great-Grandmother Leila+ Great-Grandfather Gregory= Louis (Louie), Euphemia (Effie), William,(Willie), Jennie, Henrietta (Hattie), Frederick (Freddie), Wendy (wooh, lots of kids. They were purposely given really American/Brooklyn style nicknames because my great grandmother was from Iran and my great-grandfather was of Russian descent and growing up in Brooklyn he got teased for being Jewish so they wanted to make them more normal apparently)

Great-Grandmother Aurélie+ Great-Grandfather Yves-Camille= Georges, Thierry, Elizabette (Bette)

Thierry+Wendy=Pierrette, Arthémise, Oscar, Armand

Armand+Mathilde= Amélie & Angélique!