My family names

I would love to use some of these names someday to honour family.

Maman’s side:

Great-Grandmother Marie+ Great-Grandfather Jean-Pierre= Anneliese (Lies), Elouise, Nicole (Coco as a child and then Cosette as she got a little older), Anais, Nathalie

Great-Grandfather André+Great Grandmother Odette= Sébastien, Léon

Nicole+Léon= Mathilde

Papa’s Side

Great-Grandmother Leila+ Great-Grandfather Gregory= Louis (Louie), Euphemia (Effie), William,(Willie), Jennie, Henrietta (Hattie), Frederick (Freddie), Wendy (wooh, lots of kids. They were purposely given really American/Brooklyn style nicknames because my great grandmother was from Iran and my great-grandfather was of Russian descent and growing up in Brooklyn he got teased for being Jewish so they wanted to make them more normal apparently)

Great-Grandmother Aurélie+ Great-Grandfather Yves-Camille= Georges, Thierry, Elizabette (Bette)

Thierry+Wendy=Pierrette, Arthémise, Oscar, Armand

Armand+Mathilde= Amélie & Angélique!


Name Crush of the Moment (sort of)

Sorry I don’t post on here that often…I don’t find names as cool as I used to.

But anyways. In the past months I’ve had my first daughter’s name decided: Mathilde Amélie, and nothing will change that.

But if I didn’t have this name chosen, I know what my second pick would be.


Ah, Rose.

Such a beautiful name that I’ve been loving for a few months now.

There are so many amazing things about the name Rose. The beautiful flower (coral is my favourite colour of them)

Then I think of course of Rose Dewitt Bukater, played brilliantly by Kate Winslet from Titanic (one of my favourite movies!)

I also think of the song “The Rose” by Bette Midler…It’s so pretty.

So yes, I love the name Rose.

But I can’t decide if I just like simple, beautiful, timeless Rose on it’s own, or a longer form with Rose as a nickname. If that was the case I’d vote for Rosemarie or Rosemary, but I don’t know if I find those quite as beautiful.

I can see myself loving Rose for a very, very long time.

Names From My Classes Pt. 1 (A-M)

Going to an international school has it’s benefits, one of which is that I get to hear tons of lovely names from many countries! I have not started school but today I attended a “World’s Faire” presentation with my sister and I took notes of all of the names I heard. And this is just part one, my friends.


Alba (Spain)

Aziza (United Arab Emirates)

Bidelia (Ireland)

Brigitta (Austria)

Cora (England-short for Coral)

Dagmar (Denmark)

Daffodil (Bermuda)

Darya (Russia)

Liad (Israel)

Emiri (New Zealand)

Evania (Spain)

Ewa (Poland)

Fabienne (France)

Fang (China)

Farrah (United Arab Emirates)

Gaia (England)

Gerta (goes by Gertie, Poland)

Hannaliis (if i didn’t see her poster  I wouldn’t be able to spell it right…she’s from Estonia, Karolina!)

Ida (Norwegian-American, pron. EE-dah…I was so happy to see her with this name I nearly melted, haha!)

Irina (Russia)

Jemmie (England, short for Jemima)

Katarzyna (Poland)

Kirsti (Sweden)

Lane (America)

Lux (America, twin to Lane)

Mahira (Saudi Arabia)

Mette (Norway, pron. Met-eh)


Ambroise (France)

Aster (Netherlands)

Cadmus (England….HE’s ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE I’VE EVER SEEN. just saying..)

Cash (America, he mentioned he was named after Johnny Cash, I find it so cool!)

Crépin (France)

Dankward (Germany…it sounded kind of cool when he said it)

Dimas (Spain)

Elah (Israel)

Erasme (Belgium)

Farbad (British-Iranian)

Felic (Hungary, pron. feh-LISH)

Gabor (Hungary)

Gotzon (Spain)

Hannibal (South Africa)

Hannes (Netherlands)

Idra (Israel)

Innocenzo (Italy)

Joaquim (Spain, I love this name btw)

Jamal (India)

Kadmiel (Israel…Am I listing too many Israeli names? haha, I just like them)

Lennox (Scotland)

Leonzio (Italy)

Lovett (England)

Makari (India)

Maksim (Russia)

Which do you like best? I’m kind of excited to get to know these people and see if their names fit their personalities!

Name Crush of the Moment…

Lots of little blonde girls are getting this name!

So whenever I have a “name crush” I’ll post it here!

My current one is Ida. In North America it is seemed as old-ladyish, but in Scandinavia it’s quite fashionable, and could slowly make it’s way through the rest of Europe as well. It’s pronounced EE-dah here.

A plus for me is that this name is also Yiddish!

There is an opera called Princess Ida.

In Greek mythology Ida is the mother of Minos, king of Crete and one of the judges of Hades. Ida/Ide is also a nymph and nurse to Zeus.

In Hinduism Ida is the goddess of earth, food, and nourishment (another plus!)

So, what do you think of Ida?

My Favourite Names from A-Z for Girls

some letters were harder than others! this is for today, i’m sure my list will be different tomorrow 😉


Béatrice “Béa”















Q- none










I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m ready to get back into this again 🙂

So why not start out with some birth announcements from Paris? (Accumulated from a couple of months) These are some standouts…


Athénaïs (love!)

Lark Marie

Maïna Fleur

Margaux Sienna

Izia Ella Maude

Youna Maëlle

Isaure Anne Fanélie

Hermione Inès Nawal

Marthe Jeanne (shockingly old fashioned but quite lovely!)

Mélirose Alix Iseult


Iliès Yassine

Kostos Arnaud

Henri Baptiste Léon

Briac Tobias

Clément Ulysse

Hector Nilo Swann

Guillaume Néo Hendrix

Asa Thibault

Sacha Younes Camille

Merlin Gaston

My Favourite Poetry Names

I know I said i’d do the trendy boys list  but it turns out that a) there isn’t as much boy data as i’d like b) the names were all quite similar and c) most of the names stretched through the generations. anywho.

I really love names with a poem to go along with them. There aren’t very many though. Here are some of my favourites.

Annabel– quite obvious, I suppose, that this comes from Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. Definitely one of my favourite poems ever. “And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me.” I love that.

Althea- my sister almost chose this name and might go back to it, who knows. It’s gorgeous though. The poem “To Althea, From Prison” was written by Richard Lovelace, and is a poem written to his beloved Althea from prison. It’s about how you can imprison the person but not their mind. Luvz.

Evangeline- I just love this name. It’s so romantic. The poem Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It’s about Evangeline searching for her love Gabriel.

Fawnia-by Robert Greene is a dedication to the beautiful woman.

Rosaline-I LOVE this name. You don’t even know. It’s GORGEOUSSS. The poem Rosaline was written by James Russell Lowell, and yes, is about a beautiful girl named Rosaline.

Eulalie– by Edgar Allan Poe is a wonderful poem by one of the greatest poets ever. It’s kind of a sad poem. Eulalie is a great name, another contender for my sister.

Layla– Layla probably isn’t my FAVOURITE name in the world, but it does have a lot of meaning. I had a great-grandmother named Leila who was Persian and her daughter, my grandmother, always read my sister and cousins and I the story of Layla and Majnun, an Arabic poem.

Aurore- coming from Victor Hugo’s Les Contemplations livre 1. God I love that man, and pretty  much all of the works of Les Contemplations..